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Inzalo Safari Lodge - from Design to Reality

After almost two years of designing and gaining approvals for the development of Inzalo Safari Lodge, construction got underway on 15 January 2018. The approval processes included Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA), Municipal Approvals, Welgevonden Reserve Approvals and Water Use Licences. While the delays were frustrating, we welcome these approvals that are aimed at ensuring responsible development, limiting the impact on beautiful and eco-sensitive environment.

The development of Inzalo Safari Lodge is done in two phases, starting with the management suite and luxury safari tents, followed by the main lodge. The development is progressing to plan with the management suite almost complete and guest accommodation about two-thirds on the way. All is still on track for completion towards the end of 2018.

Graeme Labe from Luxury Frontiers (formally FTK) and Brian Viljoen the land surveyor agree the survey area to create a detail contour map which will assist with the site layout.

The Luxury Frontiers team scout the site for the best lodge layout while Dave keeps a watchful eye on a breading herd of elephant descending from the ridge just to the north of the Inzalo Safari Lodge site.

The Luxury Frontiers team under the professional guidance of architect Anomien Smith produce a fit for purpose layout and lodge design for Inzalo Safari Lodge in June 2016.

Henriette and the main contractor at Inzalo Safari Lodge, Daan Kunneke, work through the contract details.

The "War Room" (temporary project office) is completed early in January 2018 and building of Inzalo Safari Lodge started on 15 January 2018.

Setting out the buildings and laying foundations is back breaking work in this very rocky terrain. The core construction team Andries, Pretrus, Alpheus, Simon, Morris and Armando literally leave no stone unturned.

Silas Ngobeni and his team work at best pace and very soon the walls of the management and guest suites reach roof level.

The management house is the first to to be completed and soon we find ourselves selecting tiles, wall coatings, bathroom fixtures and light fittings.

With the management house nearing completion the construction team are now moving their efforts to the luxury tented guest suites.

At this early stage of construction the breathtaking views from the luxury tented guest suites at Inzalo Safari Lodge are fantastic! Exactly what Henriette, Dave and the Luxury Frontiers team envisaged.

We are using modern building materials such as Future House floor panels which is much easier for the construction team to erect and with very good insulation properties that will reduce future energy consumption to heat and cool the guest suites.

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