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The surrounding area of Inzalo Safari Lodge is characterised by a diversity of mountainous cliffs,  low valleys, open grasslands and ancient red beds that are cleaved and parted by crystal clear streams and rivers. The biodiversity provides an ideal refuge for remarkable wildlife, birds, and unique experiences for our guests. It is the aim of Inzalo Safari Lodge to provide an intimate experience of the natural beauty and wildlife of Welgevonden Game Reserve during game drives and guided nature walks.

Sundowners at Inzalo Safari Lodge
Lionesses meeting on road
Cooling down in the Sterkstroom river
Waterberry Tree
Guided bush walks
Adding rocks to the traveller's beacon
Viewing lion on game drive
Guided bush walks

Game Drives


Your stay at Inzalo Safari Lodge includes a daily sunrise and sunset game drive.


Sunrise Game Drives


Experience the splendid dawn chorus and the melody of other bush sounds during an early morning sunrise drive, and perhaps spot our proud big cats settling down for the day after their night-time activities.


Enjoy a cup of freshly brewed tea or coffee and an early morning snack prepared by our resident chef.


Sunset Game Drives


Hop out of the game vehicle on the sunset drive and have a refreshing drink in the bush while enjoying spectacular views of the African sunset. Enjoy typical South-African snacks and your choice of drinks pre-ordered from our bar selection. After sundown, enjoy a peaceful night drive under breath-taking starry skies and search for the shyer nocturnal creatures.


Additional Adventures


The following additional adventurers can be arranged prior to your arrival. 

Special Game Drives


Take a trip to the mountain tops to view the stunning Serengeti plains or along the river to dip your feet in the cool, clear water. Take advantage of possible sightings that may have been missed during the sunrise and sunset drives. Speak to our game rangers during your stay if you would like to arrange a special game drive.


Price: R 400 per person; min 4 pax (only available for exclusive use guests)


Guided Nature Walks


Explore Inzalo Safari Lodge’s beautiful surroundings first hand, and learn more about this diverse habitat by viewing the smaller animal communities and plant life up close, or refresh your feet in the clear pools of our many rivers.   You might even get the opportunity to view some of our larger game while on foot.


Price: R 600 per person; min 4 pax


Bushmen Cave Paintings


Enjoy a spiritual experience when visiting the fascinating historic rock art of the San Bushmen. The rock art found on the reserve bares testament to thousands of years of their mysterious and intriguing nomadic lifestyle. Enjoy tales of their spiritual lives and rituals. 

Price: R 600 per person; min 4 pax

On-site Bushwalks

1-2 hour walk in and around Inzalo Safri Lodge with one of our experienced guides for on-site birding, tree Identification, river walk, watching the baboon troop come to roost as well as track and sign identification

Price: R 200 per person; min 2 pax

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