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Opportunity to live our Dream

Henriette and I have secretly dreamt and have often spoken about exiting our professional careers as business consultants to follow our dream. The dream has always persisted and even though not always clearly articulated, we intuitively knew it would be linked to nature and the opportunity to share this with other people.

It also went through a few permutations; a country restaurant in Franschhoek, a dive resort in Mozambique or a concession in Zambia. Then on one of those days, which I guess we all experience and where you question what you are doing with your life, I spontaneously threw out a question at Henriette; “So when are we going to get serious about following our dream?”

This was all that was needed to spark off an internet surfing frenzy. Henriette was masterfully producing more alternatives than I could assimilate. Then came the one we had been waiting for. A site, Site 36, was up for sale in Welgevonden! The description provided by the estate agent on the flyer, made this undeveloped site in Welgevonden sound too good to be true.

Almost immediately we were developing spread-sheets to figure out how we could afford to purchase it.

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